Wild Pigs (poem)

Wild pigs are comin'
Wild pigs are comin'
Forget the killer bees
Wild pigs are comin'

They're takin' over
Eating our crops
Gonna be a famine
Gonna be a fight

While we were busy
Starting a war
Wild pigs were taking over
They're intelligent
They're mean like
Tasmanian devils when you
Get 'em in a cage
They don't wannna be.... bacon
They're smart

They know humans are violent
Factory farmers
Got pigs.... parked like cars
On death row
In big.... pig penitentiaries
Smellin' like shit farms
All across the Carolinas
All across America
Pigs are mad

Now big bad pigs are comin'
Millions and millions and millions
Of big.... bad pigs
They're gonna blow your house down
Hunters can only kill the weak ones
Makin' the breed stronger
Smarter and smarter
Gonna take over
Gonna make bacon outa your
Big human ass....
See how you like it

Written 2006 December 15 Friday (12:42am EST/night)

inspiration: On or about December 12, 2006, ABC Nightline aired a report that the feral pig population in the United States has grown from thousands to three million since the early 1990s. Pigs have spread from states like North Carolina and Texas to much of the country. At that moment, I realized that this will probably multiply into an astonishing and catastrophic ecological disaster. I'm wondering if the feral pig population could explode to hundreds of millions in a mere decade or two. They have virtually no natural predators. They pretty much avoid humans but fight ferociously in rare instances when they can be captured. They are the unstoppable voracious appetite eating farm crops across the country. And why now? There have been wild pigs for centuries. I guess pigs were pretty complacent to live on farms unaware of their doom. They at least had sunshine and room to move around. But factory farms have turned pig life into torturous penitentiaries packed to the walls with millions of pigs. Is it any wonder that the inmates are taking over the asylum. They are simply asserting their right to live and enjoy life. They are defiantly flashing the bird to the whole idea of slaughter. They're mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore.

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© Vincent B. Rain