Vampire Youth (song)

I am a vampire
Each night I take a bite of life
I am a vampire
I go to bed when the sun comes up

For I..... fear the day
Gets in my way

Got my whole future ahead of me
I am.... eternally
Happily.... sadly so

I am a vampire
chorus: I am a vampire
lead: I am a vampire
chorus: I am a vampire

I am the flesh, I am the blood
Rain cannot wash me away
The mud, the mother
Terra firma
Is where I wander searching

These ancient rivers of red I see
Like only a child could know
In a minute become
Some withered old phogie
Who knows it’s time to go

Tell your plan to a laughing God
Save you for a rainy night
Forever gone.... you never know
The hour of your time

These dogmas of man
An empty plan
Living for flesh and blood
The lid is closing
The coffin rots
Swallowed by the angry mud

(refrain, then slowly...)
Each night.... I take.... a bite of life

bat photo by Vincent B. Rain

Written for the play/screenplay “Moons of Dracula” to vamp “vampire youth” culture who play a beautific role in the surreal drama. Based in part on gothic youth. A central theme here is how youth is consumed. But the vampire defies death. The Vampire Youth movement, as invented here, does it with great attention to dark beauty and danger and the sense of living eternally that is alive in most youth.

Last edit, 2009 August 10 Monday (the Laughing God verse).

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© Vincent B. Rain