Truth Lies Here (poem)

When the mind opens up
To the divinely rich world
Of the surreal
It can be pain to feel
When each beat of the heart
Is the count of life
Living toward death approaching
It is a dark and lonely prophesy
Of treasures torn away and fates
Changed in the moment of a tide
Lives reconciled in the foam of a wave
Tossed on the wet cold sands of a winter shore

Here lies the truth
Never to be told
Heard only by hearts that are sunk
Deep into the night

The ladybug outside on a window pane
On a gray autumn day
A blue jay bathing in a chilly
Pool of water filled with autumn leaves
The rose bent down but never bloomed
Thorns ready for the blizzard snows
Bossom of an old mother
Once young and lovely
Here lies the myth of youth
Once laughing at death
A flock of crows
A hallowed eve
The tender moment of a kiss
That sealed forever
The wanton heart
Of love that crashed here
Lies told
For a deeper truth

Started 2005 October 19 Wednesday

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© Vincent B. Rain