This Beauty (poem)

Like a mind so enchanted
Thoughts become haunted
If I could only build a window
I could let you see… my dreams

In melancholy days mundane
In sadness… the beauty
Madness of civilization
Lost in disorder

Danger is a thinker
Who knows it’s all untrue
Busted by a cop of thought
For disturbing reality

Killing time you walk the mile
From birth unto your grave
Never having seen this beauty
This duty you forgot

Each merry prankster like
Jester to divine
Comedy of errors
Drinking the emperor’s wine

Raiding treasures of noble splendor
Places you cannot go
Tearing down the fences
Sailing in the blow-ing wind

Secrets… there are many
Sailors precious few
Who know the real story
Who taste this morning dew

Like nectar refusing poison
Love so deeply real
A beautiful face... time cannot take
A heart none can steal

A child amidst this rubble
A rebel that was is he
Cast aside his grownup ways
It’s how he learned to see

Seek no love in hunger
Give no heart in vain
This pain... toil… this agony
Is all inside your mind

Mine will always wander like
A sailor called to sea
To see this world of beauty
To know this blessed bounty

Far and wide
Deep I travel
To the depths
Of every soul I meet

In a glance
With a smile I greet
Passing in the noise
A poison tranced
Broken lust of anger seen

That dream is not mine
Nor my nightmare
It is me no longer
I am free
I am forever free
And cannot be captured
For I am enslaved already
To this beauty
To this beauty
This beauty
This beauty

Gargoyle photo
by Vincent B. Rain


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© Vincent B. Rain