Tears of a Clown (poem)

This clown is sad for me
Red nose, looking down
Holding hat in hands
Big shoes on the ground
Where a child looks up
To adventure

Acrobats flying
Through void
The danger
Clown sees that
This child
Cannot laugh just yet
But now the clown
Turns off the world
Looks only at me

I smile a half smile to say
I see the clown is here
For me
I study his eyes
While his hands move
To float the cane
He walks
He disappears
Into three ring sunset
Leaving me sad and lonely

Then he comes running back
Bouncing as if
He could not forget
The joy of knowing this child
Whose heart and brain
Were left out in the rain
His big feet bounce
He's a goony bird
Goes to get the lion tamer
Busy ruling beastly cats
For the crowd of thousands

The lion tamer is quite reluctant
But clown gets on his knees
Lion tamer nods
Clown runs back
From the cage
To the edge of the ring
Tells me the lion tamer is coming
The lion tamer is coming
Brings me into the ring
Has me shake the lion tamer's hand

The crowd gives
A standing ovation
Child returns to seat
Unable to remember
His sadness
He is now
An honorary member
Of the circus
Knows the clown and the lion tamer
Actually shook their hands
Watches the whole circus
With astonished fascination
Deep in his heart
The whole world stops
For a child of the gloom
If a single clown
Sheds a tear

Inspired by hearing the sountrack of the French film Amélie for the first time.
Writtenn in a fluorish 2006 January 05 Thursday (started at 1:03am EST). Edited 2006 January 12 Thursday.

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© Vincent B. Rain