Spring of Beauty (poem)

Elizabeth, you are
The spring of beauty
Who understood but never knew
My vulnerabilities
Our common scars
Coming back
To the well spring
Of my love for you
A love that could only be set aside
But never put away
A ceaseless thing
A happiness
That I will always know for you

Nothing dies on the fertile ground
Of those who know
The secret to love
Is no secret
But to love
With a simple conviction
Strangely setting aside
All desire
Less the youthful face of beauty
Be torn apart
From the greatest
Memory of little moments

It does not matter who we love
That tender little flame cannot be
From the holy warm
Whole of our time
In all the unholy scar of existence
That sweet memory
Of youthful moments
Is the same

Started 2005 April 22 Friday (6:55am)

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© Vincent B. Rain