Parted Like Water (poem)

I was part angel
Part demon
Part and parcel
Of a light above
A darkness down below
I departed like water
Under a bridge
I left here
Long ago

I was parted like the sea
But I am only me
I was no
Precious Moses floating by

I was dragged down
A long crooked highway
I had no choice but my own way
Of rainy streets and missing children
I know many a friend
Who never came home again

There was a forest
A river and a sky
Eyes of blue
And Gypsies rolling by
In covered wagons
With bikes tied to the side
Rolling through the North Hill
Of 1955

Mother she was
From a land far away
Everybody was
Astonished at her beauty
Tender was her smile
Loving was her touch
Father took her down and beat her by the tub
On the bathroom floor
As my sister ran out the door
It was just another broken dream in paradise
And life ever since for that
Dreaming boy of four
Was a raging sky of thunder
Holding back the tears

Of time
Of magic days
Of fighting backyard windmills
Of rolling snowmen
Drinking grandpa’s wine
All that was beauty
Has passed along the way
Nothing kills the vision
Of these olden memories

(Fade out)
And now time has parted like water
Time has parted like water
Time has parted like water


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© Vincent B. Rain