The Outsider (poem)

Are you on the outside
Are you... looking in
Do you... feel
The rain fall
As you're.... shivering

Do you tell yourself
You're going to make it
As you wonder
When someone... will say it
Do you... really think
You're whole.... act will stink
If you just... stand up and
Live it...... for the world
Live it...... for the world

You're... on the outside in
Only if you.... believe it in your mind
The unkind world
Has closed the gate on you
So many times
That you forgot.... to cry

You went skipping off in the rain
Where you found a loving love
Of your dreams
Come true but
It would not be if you
Had not been
Coldly thrown out in the rain
Like old bathwater

You took this love she shared
Together you
Went off to find the clowns
Writing poems about the funny moments
Silly stupid joyful things
You both learned about the pain
She came back a thousand times............
You... became a poet to love her
Like a song.... no-one else can sing

Now you know.... the soul of love
Like those haters never do
Now you know.... the whole of love
You're still on the outside
You're still on the outside

It's the inside story
And so
They turn to you
Aren't you the guy who
Wrote that crazy love song
Aren't you two lovers from the rain
Could you sing it for us
Just one more time again

started 2006 February 04 Saturday (1:21am EST/night)
finished in the rough (in a flourish) 2006Fe04Sa (2:26am EST/night):

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© Vincent B. Rain