Our Humanity (poem)

Life will continue to present issues
With dialectically opposing views
Perceptions and misperceptions
That tear friend from friend
Side from side
Like flesh from the sides of an animal
Who merely wants to live
But when the hour is come
The soul is reaped and life is done
Petty squabbles are nothing
Therefore I propose to you
That we should debate vehemently
But never argue as enemies
We should never step down
From the belief in our own view
Until we believe we are wrong
But more importantly
We should never step above
The opposing view
Without truly listening
And most importantly of all
If we cannot meet somewhere in the twain
We should never forget our humanity
For there are no real sides
But the side of humanity
We so often refuse to give

- 2002 April 01 Monday

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© Vincent B. Rain