Nun of the Above (song)

Her youthful symetry was too good to be
I was ten, she was a nun
Somehow I knew
She was the one...for me.....
But it was not meant to be

I left apples on her desk
Wrote her letters in every class
Your beauty is a holy thing
You make my...heart sing
And when I see you.... the planets collide

Would you like
To marry me?
Would you have my baby?
All my babies?

We can get you a divorce from God
He’s got a million
Women anyway

She said "go sit at the back of the class
And wear this 3 ft high dunce cap
After I smack your hands with a ruler
About a million times"

(sing following 2 lines about 8 times and fade out):
Oh my crime of love
It’s not my time for love

Then I turned around
The class was empty
Except for her
A saw a tear flowing from her eye
She walked up to me
And kissed me.....
On the forehead


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© Vincent B. Rain