Naked City (song)

I walk alone
On streets of stone
In a canyon
With ten million windows
I ride a train
That tunnels the town
That towers
Over the living
Breathing feeling
Dregs of humanity
Can they see me down here?

I’ll be alright
When I.... get to the park
I’ll dream
Make it my garden of Monet
Money eludes me
Love walks away
I’ll pass my day
Writing my story

Ten million people in this naked city
Ten million people in this naked city
Ten million people in this naked city
And I feel so naked tonight

I keep a vision
A beleif in tomorrow
A carrot never tasted
On a stick that beats me
To shambles, I ramble, I
Really get around
I know every rat and jungle in this
Titanic town

I know every subway
Third rail suicide
Urchin in a doorway
Selling her pride
I gave at the office
Don’t look at me
I’ve got a future above this miserry

I get a kick just walkin around
Pointing my camera
At some... thing.... I found
I see the vision of a
Blind man.... in the dark
I hear a lovely bird
Singin’... in the park
They say she’s crazy but that’s
Not.... unique
They’ve got the biggest funny
Farm you’ve ever seen
I’ve seen every cafe Joe.... Gallo with a gun
I walk the gutter but I’m havin’
Loads of fun


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© Vincent B. Rain