My God (song)

The nuns were gyrating
I was debating if
I should become a priest
It would be the least I could do for....

My God, My God, My God
Ohhhhhh....... My God

You're shaking the floor
Up above my door
I can see the sky
Now I know why
The birds
Are flying and
I want to drive so fast and
So far in my car

In this war between
The sacred and the profane
You're nailed like Joan of Arc
Like dark crucifixion
Your God is no fiction
You're spreading
Like you are... an angel

Your nights are so naked
Your plastic Jesus
Enters vibrating
The Earth is shaking
'Til Mother
Knocks.... on... the door......

Completed in the rough 2006 January 07 Saturday

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© Vincent B. Rain