Monster (song)

I’ve got a flea
Big as your brain
It’s a monster
A monster

If you knew the power of this
Bug bloody river flowing
Sweat and fear watching each
Error in the night

This mind could could see your
Taste for the sweetness
Put your brain in a circus
It could never get away

It could never flee
This flea circus
I’m telling you I
Think it’s here to stay

My circuits are sparking
The light is shining
Outside, you know
I fear... the day

I hear in the night
A lonely wolf crying
For a virgin blood
So beautiful

Now I must warn you
Of danger lurking
This love you remember
Has lost its loving touch
It’s a monster

It’s a monster
It’s a monster
It’s a monster

Started 2002 November 18 Monday, Completed 2003 February 14 Friday.
Written for the stage/screen play "Moons of Dracula"

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© Vincent B. Rain