Liberty in Drag (poem)

America has just begun
To accept.... the depravities
Of alternate.... sexualities
But America has not yet
Begun to comprehend
The potential depths....
Of a good.... orgasm

Like whore.... moans in the night
Like prisoners.... escaping
In the darkness
Forgetting.... where they are
Forgetting.... who.... they are
Running.... to the next gulley
Of a foreboding dream
Another fertile valley
An oasis of heaven
In a sea of danger
Scorched by the sun
Beaten by the puny sands

Perhaps if America
Stopped raping.... it's pleasure
Forcing it's love
Freedom and democracy
Turning lady liberty
Into a Trojan....
Drag queen
Perhaps then
America would have
A good orgasm
If America could....
Have a good orgasm

(started 2005 June 27 Tuesday - aprox. 8:01pm, Title Liberty in Drag conceived 2006 Nov. 26 Sunday):

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© Vincent B. Rain