A House Outside (song)

Spider sucks
The blood of flies
Laying eggs
In turds....oh my!
Oh why, oh why
Does the spider bite the fly?

In that spider web he weaves
Mister fly is much deceived
Lands.... for a drop of dew
Death comes out like old Vishnu

Every body might soon be
Home for Mister Maggot see
Him grow and fly around the room
From the ceiling watching me

In the out house
Sigmund Freud
Pondering the paranoid
Retentive man who could not move
On his throne he
Feared the world

Thoughts of spiders near his bum
Made the man so very glum
A thousand webs, a million flies
All as dead as gloom

It's so beautiful outside
I'm in here with Mister fly
Waiting on me patiently
There's a spider under me

I know I know
He wants my blood
Every feast turns to mud
Every web
Will deceive
I'm naked to the world

I know I know
He wants my blood
Every feast turns to mud
Every web
Will deceive
I'm naked to the world

(song written for the gothic dark comedy play/screenplay “Moons of Dracula”, scene at Victorian asylum)

There should be a visual scene of an out house on a hill at a Victorian era insane asylum. The man inside is regarded as insane. The words of the song are meant to be his words although he need not be shown singing aloud. He remains tranfixed inside the out house where he often goes because it is in a beautiful field which is why the song is titled “a House Outside.” It is not merely an out-house but also a metaphor for the intellect going to the beauty outside the bloodsucking world. He remains in the outhouse until men in white jackets come to remove him peacefully. He does not resist because he is not of their world and they are not of his world and thus he knows resistence is futile. The song is intended to be very beautiful in a psychological way. It is mostly gothic with only slight overtone of dark comedy. Most importantly, it is intended to spoof the early psychological profession’s Victorian era obsession toward somehow associating fear of spiders with the anus. (I am not clear on this but believe it originated with Freud and plan to study it further.)
The visual scene here was conceived and written as the song came together less than one hour after it began.

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© Vincent B. Rain