High Throne (explicit poem)

On a train ride from Denver to Ohio
Visited Chicago for six hours
Went to Sears Tower observation deck
Photographed the night city below for two hours
Used the rest room there on the 103rd floor
Put toilet paper in the bowl to prevent anal splash
But the toilet flushed automatically
Caught me by surprise
It almost washed my balls
Like a river of cool wet cooties
So I put more toilet paper in the bowl to prevent anal splash
It automatically flushed again
I gave up defeated
There was no safety net
I gave birth to a turd I had a vision
Of it racing down 103 floors
From America's tallest building
I wondered if it went into the river just a block away
Water splashed my anus as the turd landed
I became angry and annoyed
A man was waiting to use the stall
He heard me cussing at the toilet
I came out ready to fight
I was angry at the system the plumbing system
I felt betrayed violated
I went to the sink
The automatic water wouldn't come on
For more than two seconds at a time
I washed my anus with my bare fingers
Numerous times until it felt fresh and clean
Couldn't find any paper towels to dry my ass
Luckily I had one in my camera bag
I decided to write a
Poem flaming the anal
Splashing toilets at Sears Tower
I washed my hands & left the building

View from Sears Tower, Chicago,
2004 Nov. 21, image 8001b
photo and digital squeeze by
Vincent B. Rain:

Written 2004 November 21 Sunday (8:20pm); Completed same day (9:20pm) at Union Station in Chicago.

footnote: Sears Tower became the tallest building in America after the fall of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001.

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© Vincent B. Rain