God Bless Palestine (long poem)

When they come to interrogate you
What will you say?
Are you a friend of Palestine?
Are you a friend of Israel?
Do you believe in justice?
Do you believe injustice… has been done?
There are places where blood flows
But water does not flow freely
There are green and beautiful things
Turned into dust in the sun
Where water is dammed by propaganda
Used to slay the children
Throwing rocks at soldiers
Refugees by the millions
Unable to come home….. to Palestine
Just like Israel….. was unable to come home
For two thousand years
After Roman legions sent them away

When Hitler and Stalin sent them away
America closed its doors
The Pope closed his ears
Europe closed its eyes
When the war had killed fifty million
There was no place to go
The ghetto fighters, the resistance
The cream of survivors
Brought forth a new revolution
It was called Zionism
Like every revolution
It was fought with bombs and bullets
Propaganda opened the flow of money
For Ben Gurrion's army
I cannot deny this revolution
The new Israel is made up of people
From Russia, all of Europe, and distant lands
Some of these people are descended from the old Israel
The Israel before Roman times

Today……. it’s beyond me
I do not understand this kind of terrorism
Using the weapons of Goliath
To steal the water, the land and the blood of Palestine
Is it not good enough that Zion has been won
Without this horrendous occupation
Knocking down the parched walls of old women
Sending fathers into the streets
Lighting fires of rage in children
Who are throwing rocks at the soldiers
Children who never forget
The brutality
Of foreign solders ripping down
Their homes
Children who grow up to be
No more and no less
Than native American warriors
Victims of ten thousand
Sand Creek Massacres
The people that were called “savages”
They were called “heathen men”
In the land of milk and honey
Would the revolutionary… Thomas Jefferson
Be proud?
That Goliath has turned the birthplace
Of Jesus into a police state
That Goliath supported dictators
And torture squads
Of the Persian Shah
That Goliath supported the dictatorship
And torture by Batista
Just to get Fidel
That Goliath has propped up dictators
In Central America and Columbia
And Viet Nam and the Philippines
That Goliath propped up the torture
And murder by Saddam Hussein
When the Iranian revolution
Was rightfully angry at Golliath
We all know the story
How General George Armstrong Custer
Went out into a glorious field
Of propaganda
Where waves of grain
Become the breadbasket of the fatted
Bourgeoisie mall rat world
He went out there
So he could fight…. “terrorists”
Is not Goliath helping Russia
To crush Chechnya…. at this very hour?
Is not Goliath cheering on the Chinese army?
While forgetting all the Chinese…. prison slaves
Who make everything we buy
While dissidents…. and protesters…. and intellectuals
Are shot…. at gunpoint every day
Is not Goliath calling
Every angry revolutionary but himself
A terrorist?
Is not Goliath the source
Of every bullet and tank
That has killed every
Rock-throwing child in Palestine
Is not Goliath at this very hour
Reentering the quagmire
Of McKinley's Philippine adventure
To crush the same insurgents
That fought their own corrupt dictators?
Behind every revolutionary
No matter how criminal
Or desperate his methods
No matter how bloodthirsty
Or unfair his revolution
You cannot fight him with an army
He is asymmetrical
He is everywhere
That a Roman soldier cannot be
He is in every unborn child…. that will know
The story of Goliath

You had better feed that child
And stop paying for the bullets
That rip his blood and soul
From his thirsty hungry flesh
Go now and tell Goliath defiantly
"God bless Palestine"
Go watch your tax dollars at work
Buying helicopters and tanks and bullets
Ripping the flesh of native peoples
Fighting occupation
Let the refugees come home
Let the damned up waters flow
Into Palestine
Let the Palm trees grow
Stop destabilizing and demonizing
A determined nation
Stop believing the lies, the spin control, the propaganda
Children do not throw rocks for nothing
They do not grow up to commit suicide
For nothing
Ask yourself "Why do they burn Goliath in effigy?"
Wake up
The children of Palestine are going to win
There is no other possibility
Are we not a fat…. self-indulgent
Nation…. just like Rome
Where even poor people are rich
Compared to those we oppress?
Are we not tired of exporting death like Rome?
Are we not drinking
The blood of babies
Just like Rome did?
Are we really leaders of the free world?
Do they love us because we are good
Or because we are powerful?
They will cheer us like Rome.
They will jeer us..... like Rome
Get up off your indolent asses
Wake up and care....
About the blood you drink every day
Each time you buy a toothbrush from China
Each time you pay taxes
To buy bullets that kill
Palestinian children
Aren’t you tired of people telling you
What’s patriotic?
As you hear the self-righteous tone
Of our national anthem
Sung as if we were a nation
Of self-vindicating saints
In a heaven
Where third world children
Are not allowed
Would not the founding fathers be ashamed
To wave Old Glory today?
Is God really on anyone's side?
God bless… the children of Palestine
Then…. and only then I pray…..
God bless America!


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© Vincent B. Rain