Electrify Me (song)

In days of old
This world was dark
I left my cave
In search of the spark
I searched the world
For a love that's real
Now God in heaven knows just
What I feel

Electrify me...with your love
Electrify me...like an angel
Electrify me...with your beauty

Trip the switch to
The light fantastic
Touch me...with your spark
Stay right here, don't
Do somethin' drastic
You're my light in the dark

You give me a jangle on the telephone
To let me know
Nothing is wrong
When my fuse is blown and
My lights are out
They won't be out for long

When I got heaven
On my mind
Beautiful lightnin'
Out of the sky
Cloud and a cloud
Make a real big spark
You're my light in the dark

(Repeat all except bridge, ie. from "Electrify me...")
(Repeat last line: "You're my light in the dark" several times and fade.)


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© Vincent B. Rain