Dead City (poem)

I've got a friend
Who lives in a dying city
I know a child who cries
I know a love who lies
In a tomb
Where birds are happy singing
In the green grassy beauty
Where I live
On a wing and a prayer

Dead city
You're beautiful to me
Dying city
Set your people free!

Cemetery Rainbow, circa 1995
photo by Vincent B. Rain

About the photo:
I was out driving around in the rain one afternoon and went into Riverside Cemetery in Denver. The view was simply given to me by divine providence, a tremendous blessing if you are a photographer and know how rare it is to have such a view. I merely had to watch what was happening and study my compositional options quickly while shooting. I've shot tens of thousands of photos in recent decades and often regard this one as my most valuable. There are three rainbows, one strong, two faint. There is a dark sky on the left and a light sky on the right. One tree appears almost barren, the other green. There are dark and bright tombstones and long shadows. You can even see where the rainbow meets the horizon. And all of the composition is balanced. The photo is an ethereal and beautiful representation of our greatest perceptions of life as mortals. Some see an afterlife. Others see a mystery. But only blind hearts and dulled minds fail to see the deeper beauty of life.


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© Vincent B. Rain