Broken Dream (song)

Every morning.... I wake up thinking
That the building's on fire
But it's only
The smokers down the hall
After making love and having babies
Babies burning in the fire
I dream of a blue sky
Where nothing can take us
A garden way up in the clouds
Clouds like chariots
Gargoyles are watching
Children are asking me why

Gotham City
War of the worlds
Life is falling from the sky
In a faraway land
Bombs are falling
On children with beautiful eyes

It's all connected
We're all connected
Like arguments and promises and
Broken dreams galore
If I ever make the grade
I won't be the jaded one
I don't wanna be
The ugly A-mer-i-can

Amerigo Vespucci
Thomas Jefferson
Tommy Edison
Meriwether Lewis and Clark
Somewhere inside this broken dream
I can hear a million screams
And I know
I know there's a heart
And it's ripping me apart
Every morning


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© Vincent B. Rain