Art Romantics (song)

These art romantics
Are not idle dreamers
They are the future
Looking back on loving
Lovers passing through
Storms of gray rain falling
Snowy winters
Icy pain, she
Looks again to
See and discover
Where she's going
Where I've been
I feel so sure of
This love and beauty
That dreamers dream of
But will I ever hold you
In my arms again?
Oh bathing maiden
Forest of feathered birds
High up in airy trees
Of time forgot to forget you
Like old man with cane
Walking in the beauty
Just remembering
Your love is enough to
Break my heart again
Pour me another wine
Of these olden (days/times)
Before I scream out in pain
I want to love you
Just one more time again
Just one more time again
Time and time I said
This blade has
Chopped off my head
I have no mind but love
I have no love but you
I have no love but you
In my olden memories
In my golden autumn
Vision of the time you
Kissed me in the Spring
Of crystal water flowing
Long ago gone by
And now I remember

(fade out):
Every little thing
Every little thing
Every little thing

Fountain at City Park, Denver
photo by Vincent B. Rain

(Art Romantics started 2005 August 23 Tuesday)

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© Vincent B. Rain