Art Bum (poem)

Art bum lives for art
Dies in the morning
Gets up to punch clock
Alarm clock
Violent... mad angry
At concept
He must work
Full time job.... for money
To feed another.... landlord
Tax man
Who does not understand his
Wine and cheese
Tax deduction
I'm a god, he says.... a lover
Crushed by asses
That rule the world
Time thieves
Emperors.... I see them all.... naked
Embarassed... They cannot stand vision
Ex ray vision... I see

They steal the stars
The artist is
Hunger in the night
Like Munsch... Scream
Falls silent... working until dawn
Unable to sleep
Lacking darkness
The light of inspiration
So bright
Could wipe out
The dimness
Of civilization

Got a work ethic... a vision
Gonna die if not born soon
We are.... art bums
Work our asses off.... just to exist
Paint.... write.... sing our songs
Defy the daily crush
Of the great white noise
Ain't we pretty

Art Bums started 2007Ja03We (12:40am)

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© Vincent B. Rain