Are the Dead Really Dead? (song)

Are the dead really dead?
Are the children up in bed?
Do thoughts turn in your head
When you try to sleep at night
Are you frightened by the white
Shirt hanging on the door
Or the creeping of the floor
When thoughts go to war

(two parts of just music, then):

Are the dead dead dead
Really really dead?
Are the dead dead dead
Really really dead?

Do we live like the swallow
Who flies through the barn?
Here for a moment
In the blink of an eye we're gone
Replaced by a billion children
Fighting off the harm
Of a crowded violent world
Full of deadly charms

When they look at your picture
That's gray and slightly torn
Will they bother to picture
The moment you were born
Or your time or what purpose
The little column says you've done
Oh bitch, o-bit-uary
As they lower you from the sun
Into the cold...cold...ground


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© Vincent B. Rain