Another Day (song)

In a previous lifetime
He sold his soul to the Devil
So he could live another day to love her
In the way that he used to love her

Now he became
A vampire descending
To flesh and blood
Of a lower world
Biting her neck
Just like he used to do

He would continue to love her
For one more day of life
Too short by anyone's reckon
The hand of the clock is spinning so fast
It made him dizzy... with love

The earth is burning
The hourglass
Was kicking his ass
Like a passionate crucifixion
Moments of time
So long ago
Seemed like yesterday morning
I'm pleading, I'm pleading

Let me live for another day
Please don't drag me away
How will I know if she knows
How deep I love her
Let me live for another day
Just one more day

This love he drains from her
As if she were
The body, the blood
The light gone out
Undead embers of
The fire of love

But is it really love
When he refuses to go away
Night after night
He hides from the light
Afraid of the resurrection

He discovers she finds another
His soul was sold for naught
This undead man who has no plan
Is floating by the river
He's the foggy cloud of doubt
When you hear the final drunken
Broken glass of the morning
Sun that rises
Over everything
Haven't you heard
Every man say....

(refrain and fade out repeating):
Let me live for another day
Let me live for another day
Let me live for another day
Let me live for another day

completed in a flourish 2006My07Su, 12:39am EST DST

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© Vincent B. Rain